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Dr. Richard Hiscott


Professor Emeritus

Professional Affiliation: IAS, SEPM.

Contact Information

Office: ER 6015
Phone: 709-864-8394
Fax: 709-864-2589

Research Interests

  • Depositional mechanisms of subaqueous sediment gravity flows (turbidity currents, debris flows) as deduced from sedimentary structures, grain fabric, texture, deposit geometry.
  • Submarine fan and slope deposition, including the problem of identification and interpretation of cyclicity.
  • Sedimentary evolution of modern and ancient continental margins (facies, stratigraphy, sandstone petrography). Ancient examples are drawn from the Canadian Appalachians (Gaspé Peninsula, western Newfoundland, Avalon Zone), the Canadian Cordilliera (Nanaimo Basin), and Upper Jurassic - Lower Cretaceous strata beneath the Grand Banks and on land in Portugal and northern Spain. Recent projects include:
    1. Shelf, deltaic and slope sedimentation in the Marmara Sea and southwestern Black Sea, Turkey, and implications for a proposed "biblical" flood in that area,
    2. Albian turbidites and provenance in the deep-water Newfoundland Basin east of the Grand Banks (ODP Leg 210),
    3. Seismic stratigraphy of the Tertiary succession in Orphan Basin, Newfoundland offshore
    4. Sediment fluxes from the Anatolian Plateau as a Canadian component of the TopoEurope investigation of orogenic plateaux genesis.