Dr. Karem Azmy (Ph.D. University of Ottawa)



Professional Affiliations: AGU & AAPG

Contact Information

Office: ER 6027
Phone: 709-864-6731
Fax: 709-864-2589
E-mail: kazmy@mun.ca

Research Interests

Low Temperature Geochemistry and the Evolution of the Earth’s System including:

  • Isotopic evolution of the past seawater (the evolution of life, oceans and atmosphere).
  • Chemostratigraphy, high-resolution global isotope stratigraphy and sea-level changes.
  • Neoproterozoic and Paleozoic events (Paleoclimatology & Paleoceanography).
  • Earth systems and dynamics of sedimentary basins.

Reservoir characterization and water-rock interaction leading to porosity development in carbonate reservoirs.



Earth Sciences

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