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Computer Science Internship Option

Students from Memorial University's computer industry internship option can be of valuable help to employers. Students typically apply to the program in the third year of the computer science program. To be eligible for the internship, the students must have completed courses in mathematics, programming languages, software development, theoretical foundations and computer organization. Their diversified skills and high motivation levels can be applied to a variety of computer related tasks including software development, testing, maintenance and evaluation.

The internship is an extended work period of 8, 12 or 16 months duration. The longer work period allows students to become fully productive members of the employer's organization.

Areas of Academic Study

The computer science degree is a flexible program. The students have a number of core courses they complete which total approximately half the required credits. The remaining credits are made up from elective computer science courses and elective courses from other areas of interest. Computer science majors can declare a minor in any subject. The most common minors selected are math, business and physics.