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Chemistry-Physics Building

The Department of Chemistry of Memorial University is one of the largest Chemistry Departments in Atlantic Canada, with 23 faculty, 13 permanent laboratory instructors and instructional assistants, and a number of support and research staff. Approximately 10-15 students graduate with general and Honours B.Sc. degrees in Chemistry each year, and over 60 graduate students are working in our research laboratories.

Mailing Address:

Chemistry Department
Memorial University
St. John's, NL
A1B 3X7

General Office:

Room C-4000 of the Chemistry/Physics Building (tel. 864-8746) 

Head's Office:

Room C-4000B of the Chemistry/Physics Building (tel. 864-8772. Fax 864-3702) 

Departmental Administration

Dr. Peter Pickup, Department Head C-4000D (tel. 864-8772) 
Dr. Christina Bottaro, Deputy Head Graduate Studies and Research C-4010 (tel. 864-8088) 
Dr. Chris Flinn, Deputy Head Undergraduate Studies C-4014 (tel. 864-7911) 
Ms. Gina Jackson Administrative Staff Specialist III C-4000C (tel. 864-8649)
Ms. Rosalind Collins, Secretary to the Head C-4000B (tel. 864-8772)

General Office Staff

Ms. Ebony Lawrence Graduate Secretary C-4000 (tel. 864-8773)
Ms. Mary Flinn, Undergraduate Secretary C-4000 (tel. 864-8746)


Aug 30th, 2011

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