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Chemistry-Physics Building

The Department of Chemistry at Memorial University is one of the largest and most research active chemistry departments in Atlantic Canada. Our 22 faculty members and 6 adjunct or cross-appointed faculty supervise over 80 graduate students who are working on M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in our research laboratories. Researchers in our department study all areas of chemistry such as analytical, biological, computational/theoretical, environmental, inorganic, materials, oceans, organic and physical. On an annual basis the department brings in close to $3M in external funding for our research efforts.

We also have 15 permanent laboratory instructors and instructional assistants, and several technical and office staff supporting our graduate and undergraduate programs. Besides our Honours and Major Degrees, we offer a Major and Honours B.Sc. in Computational Chemistry, as well as Joint Honours Degrees with Applied Mathematics, Biochemistry, Earth Sciences, and Physics. Each year approximately 20 students graduate with B.Sc. degrees in Chemistry which are accredited by the Canadian Society for Chemistry along with another 15 Minors in Chemistry. All of our students have opportunities to conduct research during their undergraduate degrees.

Mailing Address:

Chemistry Department
Memorial University
St. John's, NL
A1B 3X7

General Office:

Room C-4000 of the Chemistry/Physics Building (tel. 864-8746) 

Head's Office:

Room C-4000B of the Chemistry/Physics Building (tel. 864-8772. Fax 864-3702) 

Departmental Administration

Dr. Travis Fridgen, Department Head C-4000D (tel. 864-8772) 
Dr. Christina Bottaro, Deputy Head Graduate Studies and Research C-4010 (tel. 864-8088) 
Dr. Chris Flinn, Deputy Head Undergraduate Studies C-4014 (tel. 864-7911) 
Ms. Debbie Dunn Administrative Staff Specialist III C-4000C (tel. 864-8649)
Ms. Rosalind Collins, Secretary to the Head C-4000B (tel. 864-8772)

General Office Staff

Ms. Melissa Norris Graduate Secretary C-4000 (tel. 864-8773)
Ms. Mary Flinn, Undergraduate Secretary C-4000 (tel. 864-8746)


Aug 30th, 2011

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