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Department of Chemistry News

In the current academic year (2015-16) Chemistry is offering CHEM 2100 in both the fall and winter terms and CHEM 2210 in the winter term.  This has been the norm for some time now.

The Chemistry Department wishes to notify students of the following changes beginning in the 2016-17 academic year and on a go-forward basis:

CHEM 2100 will be offered in the winter term only.

CHEM 2210 will be offered in the fall term only.

Department Facebook page

Did you know the Department of Chemistry news and information can be found on many social media sites?

Members of the department maintain our Facebook page, where information about news and events in the department can be found.

The MUN Chemistry Society also maintain the MUNCS Facebook page which focuses on the news and events of the student society.  It's a great way to make contact with current and past members of MUNCS, whether it's to catch up with old friends, or a way for those interested in majoring or minoring in chemistry at MUN to make new connections and get information from their peers.

The MUN Chemistry Graduate Society also maintain a Facebook page with news and events of interest to our graduate students.  It's also a great place for prospective graduate students to get in contact with our current graduate students to help in making their decision to come and do graduate work in the department.

Also, we have a new LinkedIn page where former and current students can keep in contact with each other and connect with potential employers.