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Chemistry is central; without bonding we would fall apart.


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Chemistry-Physics Building

The Department of Chemistry of Memorial University is one of the largest Chemistry Departments in Atlantic Canada, with 23 faculty, 13 permanent laboratory instructors and instructional assistants, and a number of support and research staff. Approximately 10-15 students graduate with general and Honours B.Sc. degrees in Chemistry each year, and over 60 graduate students are working in our research laboratories.



Researchers find new uses for forestry residues

Research group

Every spring the smell of red bark permeates the St. John’s campus as landscapers begin the annual task of weeding and tidying up Memorial University’s flowerbeds.

But two researchers are trying to find other, more valuable, uses for the residues left behind from the province’s lumber and pulp and paper industries. 


Important notice for students regarding Chemistry 1031 for the Fall 2015 semester

Chemistry 1031 will no longer be offered. Students who have successfully completed chemistry 1010 and Chemistry 1011 and would normally have taken Chemistry 1031 will be allowed to take Chemistry 1051. They must apply for the prerequisite waiver using the form on the chemistry department webpage. Inquiries may be directed to Dr. Chris Flinn, Deputy Head, Undergraduate Studies.

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