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Why Business Administration @ Memorial?

Memorial's Faculty of Business Administration is recognized as a leader in Canadian business education. Graduates of the Faculty of Business Administration occupy positions of leadership in the private and public sectors provincially, nationally, and internationally. Research contributions by members of the faculty to top business journals rank first among universities in Atlantic Canada, influencing how and what students are taught. Graduates of Memorial's business programs are well prepared to make decisions and run organizations locally, nationally, and internationally.

Memorial University’s MBA program offers an outstanding combination of small class sizes, flexible study options, variety of teaching approaches, and international focus. Progressive course structures and high academic standards are applied to produce highly skilled graduates capable of competing in the global marketplace. MBA courses are taught using a combination of teaching styles to engage students and encourage their participation. The small classes allow for enhanced student-faculty interaction and greater personal instruction. A mix of part-time and full-time students enhances classroom discussion. This combination strengthens students’ communication skills and develops a broad knowledge base in our graduates. Teaching approaches are various and include case studies, role playing, lectures, research projects, and interactive simulations.

Description of program

  • MBA – Memorial’s MBA program is designed to prepare highly qualified students to become executive decision-makers who are cognizant of their operating environment, including international dimensions. The program’s key objectives are to 1) develop future managers’ problem-solving and decision-making skills, enabling them to identify, analyze, and solve complex and unstructured problems, and 2) provide a broad operating knowledge of management concepts and practices which can adapt to a wide variety of organizations and environments. The MBA is a 20-course program which can be completed in two years of full-time study. Duration of program may be reduced depending on the number of exemptions received.
  • Applicants who have completed relevant coursework in business, economics and statistics may be exempt from up to ten courses (30 credit hours) in the MBA program. Applicants must have achieved a grade of 75 per cent or higher in the relevant equivalent undergraduate courses, and have completed them within seven years from the year in which they are seeking admission to the MBA program. Transcript evaluations are completed by the MBA Office.

Minimum admission requirements

  • MBA – Bachelor's degree (minimum ‘B’ standing), balanced GMAT score of at least 550, and two years of full-time relevant work experience


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Program Information
Degrees Offered:





MBA: 2 years


St. John's

Application Deadline:

October 15 (part-time) for Winter admission

January 15 (part-time) for Spring admission

February 1 (international) for Fall admission

May 1 (Canadian) for Fall admission

Tuition (Canadian students):

MBA: $632-$953/semester

Tuition (International students):

MBA: $822-$1,239/semester

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