Why Anthropology @ Memorial?

The Department of Anthropology at Memorial has strong intellectual roots in both Europe and North America. At the graduate level, we offer thesis-based MA and PhD programs, both of which require ethnographic fieldwork. Recent graduate student field sites have included England, Ireland, France, Spain, Russia, Norway, Iceland, Mexico, Guatemala, and Jamaica, as well as various locations in the United States and Canada. We also offer a coursework-based MA program which does not require fieldwork. Our students benefit from the fact that we are a small department, which places a high priority on graduate supervision.

Many of our former graduate students have gone on to become professional anthropologists. Others have used anthropology to build careers in fields such as journalism, filmmaking, and public policy. In recent decades, the Department has placed a strong emphasis on the use of film and video in our research projects and has established a Visual Anthropology Unit, comprised of several faculty members and graduate students. A number of graduate students have been able to produce ethnographic films to accompany their thesis research. All graduate students have access to the Digital Research Centre for Qualitative Fieldwork, which houses a range of recording and processing equipment, including audio and video recorders and editing equipment, as well as a highly skilled full-time staff member to provide technical support and training.

Description of programs

  • MA – The MA program offers both course and thesis options. The thesis option requires an extended period of ethnographic fieldwork and can be completed in two years. The course option does not involve fieldwork and can be completed in one year.
  • PhD – The PhD in Anthropology program involves courses, a comprehensive exam, and a thesis. It can normally be completed in four years of full-time study.

Contact a faculty supervisor

Graduate applicants interested in research-based programs are strongly encouraged to contact a faculty supervisor at the time of application. Visit the Department of Anthropology website for a list of faculty members, their research interests, and contact information. You may also use the Yaffle search engine to find a supervisor you may wish to work with.

Minimum admission requirements

  • MA – Bachelor's degree (minimum second class) in an appropriate area of study
  • PhD – Master's degree in an appropriate area of study


Important Note: The information provided on this website is subject to change. The University Calendar is the final authority on university regulations.


Program Information
Degrees Offered:



course, thesis


MA: 1-2 years
PhD: 4 years


St. John's

Application Deadline:

January 15 for Fall admission


MA: $7,000-$11,000
PhD: $12,000-$18,000

More funding information

Tuition (NL students):

MA: $632-$1,313/semester
PhD: $888/semester

Tuition (Other Canadian students):

MA: $822-$1,707/semester
PhD: $1,154/semester

Tuition (International students):

MA: $1,069-$2,218/semester
PhD: $1,499/semester

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