Get beyond the cliché. Beyond what you expect to find at a graduate school on the edge of North America. Beyond the water, the horizon, the overwhelming sense of freedom that washes over you when you stop to take a breath.

Focus on this. Memorial University of Newfoundland is on the cutting edge of research. Our graduate students fine tune and shape their programs to get the experience they want. Our faculty are outstanding, our students are creative, and our setting really is unlike anything else you've come across.

And we offer all of this to you with some of the lowest tuition fees in Canada.

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Take an inside look at graduate studies, as current students talk about their graduate life experience.  Find out why students are choosing Memorial for their graduate program, learn about the research our students are conducting, and discover why they love being a graduate student at Memorial University.

Chris Martin is from St. John's, Newfoundland and is completing his PhD in Sociology, at St. John's Campus.