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The culture and heritage of Newfoundland and Labrador is steeped in our relationship to the sea and to harvesting seafood.

Dr. Barbara Neis’s seven-year Community-University Research for Recovery Alliance (CURRA, 2007-2014) examined this relationship by investigating strategies for the recovery of fish stocks and fishery communities.

As part of the CURRA, filmmaker Anne Troake (My Ancestors were Rogues and Murderers) was commissioned to create The 100 Nautical Mile Seafood Diet, a short film promoting the idea of accessing locally sourced seafood.


Rural and regional work is critical to understanding people’s lives, according to Dr. Vicki Hallett of the Department of Gender Studies.

“We need to know what people on the ground are experiencing and the only way of doing that is to get out into the community and ask people what’s happening in their lives.”