Citizen Science takes on ocean plastics

Plastics have been found in every ocean in the world, including the waters off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. However, despite the widespread recognition of this environmental threat, there has been little data on the phenomenon in this province. Until now.


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Imagining the ocean

For centuries, the world’s oceans have been described by writers and artists in words and pictures. Now, a faculty member in the Department of English is embarking on a new project that will trace the various ways the ocean has been imagined in Atlantic-Canadian fiction.

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The fluid field of petroculture

Oil is everywhere. 

It's in the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the roads we drive on, and the buildings we live in. 

Its production employs us. Its sale sustains our booming economy. Our lives, our cities, our world are shaped by oil, from the arrangement of streets to the arrangement of geopolitics.

Much is made of the economic, environmental, and political consequences of our oiliness, but what of the cultural and social consequences?


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A Conversation with Edward Riche

St. John’s writer Edward Riche has been named the 2014 writer-in-residence in the Department of English Language and Literature. He writes for radio, television, film, theatre and has published three novels. He has received the Thomas Head Raddall Award for his 2004 novel Nine Planets.

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