Tourism under the microscope

Those stakeholders considering reforming the Crown Lands Act should really sit down and have a chat with sociologist Dr. Mark Stoddart.



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Maintaining culture in the face of climate change

The Labrador Inuit communities of Rigolet and North West River are located on the shores of Lake Melville in south-central Labrador, where sea ice forms an integral part of local Inuit t culture and wellbeing. 

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Positive Footprint

When arts student Bethany Downer became inspired to start a non-profit organization while attending the 2014 Impact Youth for Sustainability conference in Guelph, Ont., she couldn’t have anticipated the impact her decision would have.

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Well read

The Faculty of Arts was well-represented at the announcement of the full shortlist for the eight different book prizes comprising the 2015 Atlantic Book Awards which took place on April 7 in Halifax.

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