A future for small scale fisheries

It’s impossible to ignore the fact that oceans continue to be an important and reliable source of food.

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Imagining the ocean

For centuries, the world’s oceans have been described by writers and artists in words and pictures. Now, a faculty member in the Department of English is embarking on a new project that will trace the various ways the ocean has been imagined in Atlantic-Canadian fiction.

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Faculty of Arts participates in panel on reproductive choice

Memorial’s Counselling Centre will host an upcoming panel discussion focusing on reproductive choice in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Participants will include Roland Ryan and Karen Brown from the Athena Health Centre; Alicia Cox, executive director, NL Sexual Health Centre; Courtney Jones of Memorial Women's Resource Centre; and Dr. Vicki Hallett of the Department of Gender Studies in the Faculty of Arts.


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Caribbean coral reef inhabitants critical in determining future of reefs

Memorial University geographer Dr. Evan Edinger is involved in a research project out of the University of Exeter that has found species that live in and erode coral reefs will play a major role in determining the future of reefs.

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