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Student Life

The Aboriginal Resource Office provides a variety of services to the aboriginal student population and general university community. The majority of the students we serve are identified through self-identification to the Aboriginal Resource Office or through information provided by funding agencies.

The Aboriginal Resource Office provides general personal and academic support counselling, with referrals to the appropriate professional departments, and other related services such as assistance with course selection and registration.

The Aboriginal Resource Office acts as a Community Liaison to isolated aboriginal communities within our province providing information to potential students on Memorial University, programming and student life. As well, providing information to potential students on accessing funding through a wide variety of aboriginal groups, scholarships and other potential sources of funding.

The Aboriginal Resource Office has organized Aboriginal Orientation for new students over the last number of years, providing an introduction to the university environment that both highlights the resources focusing on aboriginal student needs, as well as integration into mainstream student orientation.

The Aboriginal Resource Office works to advocate and educate the general university population regarding inclusion of our unique aboriginal peoples found within our province and maintain our distinct culture within the urban environment.

In the space provided in the Unviersity Centre, there is a tutoring room, student resource room, computers, photocopier, local telephone access, used textbooks and other resources.