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Self-Identifying as an Aboriginal Student

There are many reasons why some people may not self-identify as Aboriginal on the general application for admission to Memorial University. One reason being, they simply neglected to check the box asking if they are an Aboriginal person.

If you wish to self-identify as an Aboriginal student, you may do so by emailing the Office of the Registrar. Email: and ensure you include the following information.

  1. Full Name
  2. Student Number
  3. In the subject line, please add: "Aboriginal Self Identification"

Why Self-Identify as an Aboriginal Student at Memorial?

  1. Receive valuable information from the Aboriginal Resource Office regarding such things as upcoming opportunities, events and programming;
  2. Obtain pertinent information on Aboriginal scholarships and bursaries

General Information Regarding Self-Identifying as an Aboriginal Person

There are various personal and circumstantial reasons why people choose to self-identify as Aboriginal at different stages in their life. Check out the You Tube videos below for more information on this interesting topic!