Reade Davis


BA (Mathematics and Statistics), Queen's University, 1996
BA(H) (Sociology), Queen's University, 1997
MA (Anthropology), Memorial University, 2000
PhD (Anthropology), Memorial University, 2009


Associate Professor

Phone: (709) 864-8866
Office: Queen's College, QC-4021

Research Interests:

Political ecology; science and technology studies; maritime anthropology; networks and globalization; commodities; multi-site ethnography; organizations and bureaucracy; multi-lateral environmental agreements; sustainable development; neoliberalism; risk; gambling; fisheries and aquaculture; offshore oil and gas; marine technology; death and dying; Newfoundland and Labrador; eastern Ontario; eastern North America; North Atlantic.

Edited Special Issues:

  • Neoliberalism and North American Small-Scale Fisheries. Co-edited with Evelyn Pinkerton. Marine Policy 61, 2015. 13 peer reviewed articles.


  • Hybrid Landscapes: Science, Conservation, and the Production of Nature. Co-edited with Laura Zanotti. Anthropological Quarterly 87(3), 2014. 7 peer reviewed articles.


Selected Publications & Presentations:

    • Industrial Aquaculture and the Politics of Resignation. Co-authored with Benjamin Rigby, Dean Bavington, and Christopher Baird. Marine Policy. In Press, published online November, 2016.


    • Considering Communities in Fisheries Management. Co-authored with Courtney Lyons, Benjamin Blount, Courtney Carothers, Meredith Marchioni and Philip Loring. Marine Policy. In Press, published online May 2016.


    • Anthropology and the Politics of Resignation: Lessons from Newfoundland and Labrador. Paper presented at the Annual Meetings of the Society for Applied Anthropology and the American Ethnological Society, Vancouver, BC. March 29-April 2, 2016


    • The View from Here: Positioning Solidarity in Canadian Anthropology. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Anthropology Society, Halifax, NS, May 13-16, 2016


    • E. Pinkerton and R. Davis. Neoliberalism and the Politics of Enclosure in North American Small-Scale Fisheries. Marine Policy 61, 2015


    • All in: Snow Crab, Capitalization and the Future of Small-Scale Fisheries in Newfoundland. Marine Policy 61, 2015.


    • T. Kristensen and R. Davis. 2015. The Legacies of Indigenous History in Archaeological Thought. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 22(2):512-542, 2015.


    • Compromising Situations: Oil, Water, and the Politics of Incommensurability in Newfoundland. Paper presented as part of the organized panel “Staking Claims in Environmental Hazard Zones: Re-examining Public Participation in North American Landscapes of Extraction” at the 2015 meetings of the American Anthropological Association, November 18-22, 2015, Denver, CO. R. Davis and K. Hebert, organizers.


    • R. Davis and E. Pinkerton. Neoliberalism and the Politics of Enclosure: Consequences for Small-Scale Fisheries. Paper presented at the “Mare Academic Conference: People and the Sea VIII, Amsterdam, NL, June 24-28, 2015.


    • Rethinking Ecological and Economic Crisis in the Newfoundland Fishing Industry. Paper presented as part of the organized panel “Setting Sail? Coastal Areas Between Marginalization and Socio-­ Environmental Alternatives” at the Canadian Anthropology Society Meetings, Quebec, QC. May 13-16, 2015. S. Doyon and R. Davis, organizers.


    • The Last Generation: Debt and Familial Tensions in Newfoundland Fishing Communities. Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology, Pittsburgh, PA, March 24-28, 2015.


    • A Cod Forsaken Place? Fishing in an Altered State in Newfoundland. Anthropological Quarterly 87(3): 695-726, 2014.


    • R. Davis and L. Zanotti. Hybrid Landscapes: Science, Conservation and the Production of Nature. Anthropological Quarterly 87(3): 601-611, 2014.


    • Cod’s Will: Rethinking Recovery in the Newfoundland Fishing Industry. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology, Albuquerque, NM, March 18-22, 2014.


    • Mixing Oil and Water: Integrated Planning and Incommensurability in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland. Paper presented as part of the organized panel “Shifting Currents: Critical Issues North American Small-Scale Fisheries” at the at the Too Big To Ignore: Global Partnership for Small-Scale Fisheries, 2nd Global Symposium, September 21-25, 2014, Merida, Mexico. R. Davis, organizer.


    • “Fish Killers” and the New Politics of Predation in Newfoundland. Paper presented as part of the organized panel: “Coastal Futures: Negotiating Neoliberalism in North American Small-Scale Fisheries,” at the 2013 American Anthropological Association Meetings, Chicago, IL, November 24-28, 2013. R. Davis, organizer.


    • Davis, R. and K. Korneski. In a Pinch: Snow Crab and the Politics of Crisis in Newfoundland. Labour/Le Travail 69: 119-146, 2012.


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