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Anthropology is devoted to the study of human beings in all of their social and cultural complexity. Anthropologists seek to describe the inner workings of human social groups and to understand how and why societies change over time.

Located on the eastern edge of the continent, the Department of Anthropology at Memorial has strong intellectual roots in both Europe and North America. While the department has historically placed a strong regional focus on the North Atlantic Rim, particularly: Eastern Canada; the United States; Iceland; The Shetland Islands; Norway; England, Ireland, and Spain, our faculty members also have expertise in other areas, including Central and South America, the South Pacific, and Eastern Europe.

Memorial's anthropologists seek to foster an approach that is at once critical and engaged. While the research interests of the faculty are diverse, we share a strong interest in problems of power and social inequality, which we view as being critical to understanding the contemporary world. Faculty research projects have addressed a wide range of important topics, including: the Northern Ireland Peace Process, the political transformation that has taken place in Spain after the fall of the Franco's fascist regime, the politics of authenticity in Newfoundland's fishing and tourism industries, historical memory of the Viet Nam war, issues of development in Latin America, and social and political struggles over access to ocean spaces and resources.

The Department offers programs at the BA, MA and PhD levels.