Welcome - Pjila'si - Tshima minu-takushinieku

Atelihai - Tunngasugit - Bienvenue 

Memorial University is pursuing a number of goals in response to “A Special Obligation,” the report of a 2009 Presidential Task Force on Aboriginal Initiatives. The Office of the Special Advisor to the President on Aboriginal Affairs coordinates this work in collaboration with other University offices and personnel.

Advancing Aboriginal education at Memorial University

As the only university in the province, Memorial plays a vital role in not only preserving Aboriginal history, cultures and languages, but ensuring that all students – individuals with varied backgrounds, academic interests and career aspirations – gain a deep understanding of the history, cultures and languages and carry forth their awareness and education to future generations of students.


An Aboriginal Affairs Listserv has been established to share information on Indigenous-related events, activities, courses, etc.

Please send an email to Susan Kennedy, susan.kennedy@mun.ca, if you wish to subscribe to our email list.