The Voices of Placentia Bay Exhibit

An exhibit of the Placentia Area Historical Society and the Town of Placentia

Located next to the Placentia Arts Centre, this highly interactive, multimedia exhibition celebrates the singers and players, the storytellers and poets of the region. It is based on the work of the farsighted people who recorded and preserved these cultural treasures — leaving us with one one of the best examples of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the province and a tradition that both inspires and underpins contemporary music.

In a space that is bright, lively and welcoming, visitors will get to know the people of Placentia Bay as their voices echo through the ages.

Along the outer edges of the room you will see how the bay shaped the fishing culture. You will get a taste of the rich and colourful history of the area. And you will explore how changing times and seminal events like resettlement and the building of the American base at Argentia influenced and sometimes radically changed the place and its people. All along the way, you will hear how this is reflected in their music and stories.

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At the core of the exhibit, symbolically and physically, visitors will meet some of the singers and storytellers of Placentia Bay. Using iPads with specially developed applications, you can have a listen to their actual voices and experience in an immediate, powerful and very personal way the soul of these people — where they come from, what makes them laugh and cry, what they remember and want to share.

Make Music

Throughout the exhibition interactive elements in each of the components offer visitors a chance to have a go at singing their own songs, telling their stories, reciting a poem or solving a riddle.

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