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academic freedom



Retaining copyright in journal articles

"Journals require only your permission to publish an article, not a wholesale transfer of the full copyright interest... it is important for academic staff to retain copyright in their journal articles."


Canadian government

"the purpose of science is to support government policy"

Environment Canada credo

Canadian Wildlife Service Atlantic Region

Canadian Wildlife Service National homepage



Local information

St. John's harbor live webcam

current St. John's weather

current Newfoundland marine weather

Alaska Marine Weather forecasts


NF.birds (current news about Newfoundland bird sightings)

"Joe Hynes reports a cattle egret in Renews on the lawn of Loyola Hearne's house - brown house on the hill on west side of highway. (3pm Tuesday.)"

birding Sri Lanka, Dec 2005 - Jan 2006

birding Jamaica (photos), March 15-22, 2009


Pelagic seabird trips and information

Fea's Petrel in Canadian waters

Shearwater Journeys (Monterey, California)

Brian Patteson's Gulf Stream pelagic tripsAMAZING PHOTOS


Seabirds and Ornithology

Pacific Seabird Group

UVic Seabird & Marbled Murrelet Group

Laskeek Bay Conservation Society

Point Reyes Bird Observatory

Ornithological Societies of North America

Queen's University Biology homepage

British Antarctic Survey



US Fish & Wildlife Service

"We will restore science to its rightful place..."

Barack Obama, January 2009

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Alaska

Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge

Kasatochi (AVO pre- and post-eruption images)

Hawadak (Rat Island) rat eradication

THE Bird Banding Laboratory


Environmental NGOs

Nature Newfoundland

Union of Concerned Scientists

ICES International Council for Exploration of the Sea

Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution

The Sierra Club (USA)

The Sierra Club (Canada)

Nature Conservancy of Canada

David Suzuki Foundation

California Coastal Record Project (photographs of most of the California coast)


Essential gear



'News' - worth browsing for environment/ecology issues stories

CBC news online (Canada)

Nunatsiaq News (Arctic Canada)

"...there are more bears in the West Hudson Bay area than ever. "The biologists don't think about this. We Inuit have more knowledge than these so-called biologists.""


DutchHarborFisherman (Aleutian and Pribilof news)

Anchorage Daily News

"Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens was leading in early election returns Tuesday night, despite being found guilty of seven felonies and polls showing him in deep trouble."


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