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Vol. 41, Nos. 3-4.                ISSN 0384-50-28                   Winter 2014


This Special issue:
Funds of Knowledge: Illuminating the Voices
Guest Editor - Dr. Linda Coles
Memorial University of Newfoundland



Dr. Linda Coles


A 40 Year Legacy of Scholarship: When Parallel Lines Intersect

Kirk Anderson


Young Children's Learning in the Contexts of Families and Communities

Ann Anderson, Jim Anderson


Bridget and the White Rose: An Author Among School Children

Ed Kavanagh


Culture, a Narrative From Within...

David Trainor


They Do Something Very Powerful - They Teach

Clar Doyle


Building on the Past: A Short Reflection on Starting Out, Ending Up, and Hoping Still

Ursula A. Kelly


Developing Rural School Collaboration: From New Zealand and Iceland to Newfoundland and Labrador

Ken Stevens


Government and the Academy: Will the Twain Ever Meet?

Gerald Galway


Religion and Education in The Morning Watch, 1973-2013: Curriculum

Noel Barrett Shuell


Journey to the Faculty of Education

Rachel Lobel


How to Not Know Everything: The Value of Experiential Learning

Rebecca Collins


From Neoliberalism to Social Justice and Humanism

Mary G. Green


Reflections on the SORT Project

Joan Oldford


The Silence of Teachers

Dennis M. Mulcahy


Is There a Need for a Practicum Experience in the Bachelor of Special Education Program at Memorial University? - Teachers' and Administrators' Perspectives

Edith Furey


Career Decisions of Newfoundland Youth (1973) on How People's Attitudes Toward University Have Changed (1974-Present)

G. Llewellyn Parsons


From A to Z (Angler to Zimdowney)

Bill Fagan


Teaching English in Taiwan: Social, Cultural and Economic Implications

Steve Meadus


My Journey: Interpreting the English Industry of South Korea

Stephen Walsh


Memorial, Korea and Back

Geoff Bartlett


From Stephenville Crossing to Memorial: My Educational Journey

Annette Marie Mallay


FirstComes Primary School, and then Comes...MUN

Annette Larkin


Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador:My MUN Experience

Jeffrey E. Locke


Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador:My MUN Experience

David Locke