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This site contains the historical archive (1973 - 2016) of The Morning Watch. For current issues, please visit http://journals.library.mun.ca/ojs/index.php/mwatch/index

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Academe is a bimonthly magazine of the American Association of University Professors. It is a thoughtful and provocative review of developments affecting higher education faculty. Written by professors for professors.

Alberta Journal of Educational Research
AJER is a quarterly journal devoted to the dissemination, criticism, interpretation, and encouragement of all forms of systematic inquiry into education and fields related to or associated with education.

The Chronicle of Higher Education
A news source for college and university faculty members and administrators. Requires a subscription to view.

Comparative Education Review
Investigates education throughout the world and the social, economic, and political forces that shape it; a reliable source for the analysis of the place of education in countries other than the U.S.A. Gives subscription information.

Curriculum/Technology Quarterly
Published by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Curriculum/Technology Quarterly is a newsletter for the high-tech educator. Articles examine how to infuse technology into curriculum, instruction, and assessment., news and reviews of new products and services, reports on projects undertaken by schools and research facilities, and design ideas for integrating computer instruction into the classroom.

Education Review
Publishes reviews of articles of recently published books in education, covering the range of educational scholarship; intended to promote wider understanding of the latest and best research in the field.

T.H.E. Journal Online
Dedicated to providing professional development services and consulting to persons and organizations involved with K-12 and higher education institutions.

The Journal of Economic Education
Offers original articles on innovations in and evaluations of teaching techniques, materials, and programs in economics. Gives subscription information.

Educational Action Research
Educational Action Research publishes accounts of a range of action research and related studies, in education and across the professions, with the aim of making their outcomes widely available and exemplifying the variety of possible styles of reporting.

From Now On
The Educational Technology Journal for engaged learning.

Educational Theory
A published journal, aimed at fostering the continuing development of educational theory and to encourage wide and effective discussion of theoretical problems within the educational profession. Gives subscription information; soon to be available online.

Equity and Excellence In Education
A published journal providing teachers, education faculty, students and administrators with timely and professional coverage of current equity issues, especially those that have legal and economic ramifications. Gives subscription information.

Teacher Talk
Provides stimulating ideas for creative teaching, ways to understand the needs of adolescents, and practical tips on how to use a variety of techniques in the classroom; addresses the interests and concerns of pre-service teachers.

The Review of Higher Education
A forum for discussion of issues affecting higher education and related fields. The journal advances the study of colleges and universities by publishing peer-reviewed articles, essays, reviews and research findings.

American Journal of Education
A printed review published quarterly: contains research, theoretical statements, philosophical arguments, critical synthesis of a field of educational inquiry and integrations of educational scholarship, policy and practice. Gives subscription information, Table of Contents of current and past issues, and reviews books and journals of related interest from the University of Chicago Press. 

Australian Journal of Educational Technology
A bi-annual, online journal with refereed items and papers covering the application, policy and theory of educational technology; highlights issues which can be shared among colleagues to increase their understanding of how communications and information technologies can be used in learning. 

Canadian Children's Literature
A printed bilingual journal of criticism and review covering Canadian books and other media for children and young  adults. Provides essential information for librarians, elementary and secondary school teachers, academics and anyone interested in children's reading. Gives subscription information, and on-line sample book reviews.

An electronic journal devoted to exploratory writing about education to provide a forum for practicing teachers of pupils of all ages, engaged in research into their own practice.

College Quarterly: Journal of Professional Development for College Educators
This online journal serves as a vehicle for the expression of informed discussion and commentary on teaching and learning; contains articles organized by a wide range of subjects.

An electronic journal of learning and teaching with and about technology; publishes articles, letters and reviews about a broad range of issues in information technology in education, with an emphasis on classroom practice. No longer in publication.

Education Policy Analysis Archives
An online journal about education policy in its many aspects.

Education Week on the Web
This site contains nearly every article published by Education Week and Teacher magazines; for people interested in education reform, schools, and the policies that guide them.

The Electronic Journal of Science Education
The first peer-reviewed electronic journal of its kind devoted to the timely sharing of science education information via the World Wide Web; addresses the use of communications technology, information and research related to science education issues, etc.

Elementary School Journal 
A printed journal, serving both the researcher and the practitioner in elementary and middle school education. Explores central problems in education theory and complex problems of the classroom. Gives subscription information.

Harvard Educational Review
A printed journal of instructional research; contains on-line reviews of current books, and article abstracts. Gives subscription information.

The International Electronic Journal for Leadership in Learning
A refereed online journal intended for a broad audience of persons interested in leadership in learning; promotes the study and discussion of substantive leadership issues that are of current concern in educational communities. No charge subscription is required to view articles online.

Journal of Computing in Higher Education 
A printed journal that publishes peer-reviewed essays, reviews, reports and research articles that contribute to our understanding of the issues, problems and research associated with technology and educational management information systems. Gives subscription information.

Journal of Industrial Teacher Education
An electronic journal that is an outlet for research in industrial and technical education. 

Journal of Research in Rural Education
A printed journal that publishes results of educational research conducted in, or relevant to, rural settings. Gives subscription information. 

Journal of Technology Education
An online forum for scholarly discussions on topics relating to technology education, including research, philosophy and theory; contains book reviews, articles and editorials.

Journal of Vocational and Technical Education
An online journal, focusing on vocational and technical education, philosophy, theory and practice; contains comprehensive reviews of literature, and reports of research and methodology. 

Kairos: Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments
An electronic journal designed to serve as a peer-reviewed resource for teachers, researchers, and tutors of writing at the college and university level, including technical writing, business writing, professional communication, creative writing, composition and literature. 

The Looking Glass
An online journal, combining traditional and modern perspectives of children's literature; for academics, librarians, teachers, parents and anyone interested in children's literature.

An online journal from a Newfoundland and Labrador perspective. Topics include research in education, professional development, technology and education, Human Resource Development industry news, etc.

Reading On Line
A professional electronic journal associated with the International Reading Association; aimed towards literacy educators at all levels who are interested in using an electronic medium for explorations of research, instruction, and communication. 

Teachers College Record
A journal of research, analysis and commentary in the field of education.

Tools & Resources

The Interpersonal Computing and Technology Journal
A peer-reviewed journal focussing on computer-mediated communication and the pedagogical issues surrounding the use of computers and technology in educational settings.

Deliberations on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
A resource for educational developers, librarians, academic staff and managers in education, and a forum for readers to discuss and develop ideas.

Education search engine with over 7200 reviewed listings.

Jobs in Education
Dedicated to informing job seekers about employment opportunities in the education sector.

Education Canada
Canada's Education Employment Opportunities Network

National Adult Literacy Database
Canada's Adult Literacy Information Network

The Governor General's Award for Excellence in Teaching Canadian History
The awards aim to recognize excellence in the teaching of Canadian history, inspire educators to strive for excellence, etc. Gives nomination requirements and form.

STEMNET Educational Networking in Newfoundland and Labrador
Aimed at providing high quality learning opportunities , network access, and online resources for students and educators in the K-12 education system in Newfoundland and Labrador.


Canada's SchoolNet
Designed to promote the effective use of information technology amongst Canadians by helping Canadian schools and public libraries connect to the internet. SchoolNet readies learners for the knowledge based society.

Canadian Association for Distance Education
CADE is a national association of professionals committed to excellence in the provision of distance education in Canada.

Canadian Bureau for International Education
CBIE is a membership organization comprising 110 colleges and universities, plus numerous schools, educational organizations, non-government and government organizations and Corporations.

Canadian Society for the Study of Education
The largest organization of professors, students, researchers, and practioners in education in Canada.

Canadian Teachers' Federation
Created in 1920 to ensure that teachers' opinions were heard and taken into account whenever any authority outside the provincial jurisdiction was considering action which would affect teachers, or impinge on their work with students.

Council on Post-Secondary Education
COPSE is a provincial agency that works Manitoba's universities and colleges to ensure better coordination, communication, and planning in the post-secondary education system.

Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers' Association
A professional organization serving approximately 8,000 teachers in Newfoundland and Labrador.

For the Learning of Mathematics
For the Learning of Mathematics aims to stimulate reflection on mathematics education at all levels, and promote study of its practices and its theories: to generate productive discussion; to encourage enquiry and research; to promote criticism and evaluation of ideas and procedures current in the field.


Canadian Departments of Education Sites
A complete listing of Canada's Departments of Education, sorted by province and territory.

Canadian Heritage Information Network
The Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) and Canadian museums work together to strengthen our collective ability to create, present and manage Canadian digital content. This collaboration has resulted in CHIN's internationally valued Web site for heritage professionals, and the highly successful VMC portal at virtualmuseum.ca.

Government of Canada Primary Internet Site
The Canada Site is the primary Internet portal for information on the Government of Canada, its programs, services, new initiatives and products, and for information about Canada.

Canadian Parliament Online
The primary Internet portal for information on Canada's Parliment, its programs, services and news.