Biology 4605/7220

Biology 4605/7220
Model Based Statistics in Biology

David Clayton Schneider
Professor, Ocean Sciences and Department of Biology, Memorial University

Syllabus for   Fall 2021

Lecture Notes and Content
Quantitative Background
Quantifying Uncertainty
The General Linear Model. Single Explanatory Variable
The General Linear Model. Multiple Explanatory Variables
The Generalized Linear Model
Extensions of the General Linear Model.
Course Review
Review Questions
Reference Material

Inferential Cards
Probability Values from Distribution Functions
Probability Values by Randomization
The General Linear Model - Regression
The General Linear Model - Regression with Randomization
The General Linear Model: Single Factor ANOVA
The General Linear Model: Multifactor ANOVA
The General Linear Model. ANCOVA
Problem-Solving with the GLM. Setting up the Analysis
Problem-Solving with the GLM. Executing the Analysis
Logistic Regression
Bootstrap Estimates
Guide to computing at Memorial University
Commands in    Minitab    SAS     R     Introduction to   R
Command files for    Systat    SPSS    Rcode    
Data Files
   Results from   Lab 1
   Getting started    srbx1311.txt   srbx9_5.txt
   Data for   Labs
   Published articles with   Data   for assignments
   More   Data

How to   study for this course
About the Graduate Projects
General Linear Mixed Model   Workshops