Four-taxon ArkChip

The ArkChip - A multi-species, iterative mtDNA sequencing strategy for biodiversity and phylogeographic genomics.

(SM Carr, HD Marshall, AT Duggan, SMC Flynn, KA Johnstone, AM Pope, & CD Wilkerson 2008. Comp. Biochem. Physiol., D: Genomics and Proteomics 3,1-11.)

    The current generation of DNA re-sequencing microarrays  accommodates >120Kbp, enough to include seven species' complete mtDNA genomes. Since the 25b oligonucleotides are species-specific, re-sequencing of  all included genomes can be accomplished simultaneously. Separate investigations on distinct species can be "multi-plexed." The figure shows a four-species experiment with two fish (Gadus & Anarhichas) and two mammals (Pagophilus & Rangifer), applied singly (top two panels), or in pairwise or four-fold patterns [bottom two panels]. Note that the binding is species-specific, with short regions of cross-species hybridization (<4%) for regions conserved between vertebrtes species (e.g., rRNA regions).

Material © 2008 by Steven M. Carr