Local attractions and restaurants


A comprehensive overview of over 280 restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops located in the city of St. John's can be found here.

Quidi Vidi Village

Once a historic fishing village, Quidi Vidi Village is charming and scenic. Some of its main charms include Mallard Cottage, Quidi Vidi Inn of Olde, Quidi Vidi Brewing Company and Quidi Vidi Battery.

As a Registered Heritage Structure, Mallard Cottage is one of the oldest houses in St. John’s. The white Irish cottage was built in the late eighteenth century.

When you wander around Quidi Vidi Village and get thirsty, it is worth checking out the Quidi Vidi Inn of Olde, an old-fashioned neighborhood bar.

Quidi Vidi Brewing Company is the largest microbrewery in Atlantic Canada. Quidi Vidi brews all their beers with no adjuncts.

The Rooms

The Rooms is the place where you can immerse yourself in Newfoundland culture. It houses the Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Provincial Museum of Newfoundland and Labrador. It also offers a spectacular view of the harbour.

George Street

The street has the most pubs and bars per capita of any street in North America, and is known to have bars that are open later than most others throughout Canada. It is the centre of entertainment and festivities.

Signal Hill

As one of the National Historic Sites of Canada, Signal Hill celebrates significant communications and military history. At the top of Signal Hill, Cabot Tower gives a spectacular view of the North Atlantic and the city.

The Johnson Geo Centre

The Geo Centre is also located on Signal Hill.

Historic Churches of St. John’s

For a breathtaking look into architectural delights within the city of St. John’s, go no further than some of the City’s oldest churches.

Lawnya Vawnya

Lawnya Vawnya is an independent music festival that takes place annually in downtown St. John's. From April 24th until April 27th, musicians from across North America will gather to play music in coffee shops, bookstores, bars, and even on the streets.

For more information about arts and cultural events in St. John's, visit The Overcast.