WSCLA 19 Program

For a pdf version of the program click here.

All sessions meet in PE 2001 (Phys Ed building).

Friday, April 25

8am to 8:45am


8:45am to 9am

Welcoming remarks from the Dean of Arts' office

9am to 10:30am

Session 1 - Morphosyntax (Chair: Leslie Saxon)


Richard Compton (McGill) – Discerning genuine object agreement from clitics in Inuit


Michelle Yuan (MIT) – Person restrictions in Inuktitut portmanteau morphology


Jessica Coon (McGill) – Little-v agreement: Evidence from Mayan

10:30am to 11am


11am to 1pm

Session 2 - Phonology (Chair: Charlotte Reinholtz)


Clarissa Forbes (University of Toronto) – Gitksan root stress: Modelling the path to lexical  accent


Khashayar Hamidzadeh and Kevin Russell (University of Manitoba) – Reduplication in Paraguayan Guarani


Erica Woolridge (Memorial University) – A metrical stress analysis of Mushuau Innu

1pm to 2pm


2pm to 3pm

Invited speaker: Heidi Harley (University of Arizona) -- A revised picture of external argument introduction: Conflicting evidence from Hiaki

3pm to 3:30pm



Session 3 - Morphosyntax (Chair: Heather Bliss)


Michael Barrie (Sogang) – The Fine Structure of vP/VP Structure and the Iterative in Cayuga


Brandon Fry and Eric Mathieu (University of Ottawa) – Ojibwe words as complex heads?

4:30pm to 5pm


5pm to 6pm

Invited speaker: Keren Rice (University of Toronto) -- Moving in, moving out: Surprises in word formation in a Dene language


Saturday, April 26


Session 1: Acquisition (L1 and L2) (Chair: Jessica Coon)


Christiane Oliveira and Luiz Amaral (University of Massachusetts) – bo-words in Karaja: from a formal perspective to a pedagogical approach


Julie Brittain (Memorial University), Shanley Allen (University of Kaiserslautern) and Sara Acton (Stanford, California) – Preferred Argument Structure in Cree child and child-directed (adult) speech


Susan Kalt (Roxbury Community College) and Martin Castillo (University of Michigan) – Ayniqa yachaywasinchikpi: collaborative approaches to linguistic science in the rural Andean classroom

10:30am to 11am


11am to 12pm

Session 2: Morphosyntax (Chair: Michael Barrie)


Will Oxford (University of Manitoba) – A connection between portmanteau agreement and inverse marking in Algonquian


Charlotte Reinholtz (Queens) -- How Constituents are Negated in Cree: Evidence from Eastern Swampy Cree

12pm to 1pm

Lunch; Invited speaker: Kanani Penashue (Labrador Innu school board)

1:30pm to 3pm

Session 3 - Semantics (Chair: Eric Mathieu)


Meagan Louie (UBC) – Actuality Entailments (and their imposters) in Blackfoot


Alan Bale (Concordia) – Quantity Implicatures and Evidentiality in Mi'gmaq


Heather Bliss (University of Victoria) and Martina Wiltschko (UBC) – On the Heterogeneity of Demonstratives: Evidence from Squamish and Blackfoot

3pm to 3:30pm


3:30pm to 5:00pm

Session 4 – Morphosemantics (Chair: Kevin Russell)


Leslie Saxon (University of Victoria) -- “Discourse particles” and selection by higher predicates


Grant Armstrong (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Scott AnderBois (Brown) – On a transitivity-based split in Yucatec Maya control complements


Kyumin Kim (University of Calgary) – Spatial PPs and structure of motion verbs in Blackfoot

5pm to 6pm

Invited speaker: Ellen Courtney (University of Texas at El Paso) -- Learning verbs: Evidence from Quechua


Conference dinner


Sunday, April 27


Session 1 - Morphosyntax (Chair: Grant Armstrong)


Eric Mathieu (University of Ottawa) – Wh-questions in Ojibwe and the conjunct/participial distinction


Phil Branigan (Memorial) – How not to constrain cavalier head-movement in Innu-aimun


Heather Bliss (University of Victoria) – Deconstructing Obviation in Blackfoot


Jonathan Manker (Berkeley) – Tone specification and the Tone-Bearing Unit (TBU) in Han Athapaskan

11am to 12am

Invited Student Speaker: Mike Hamilton (McGill) -- Implications of prosody in Mi'gmaq