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Thoughts for the week

The Writing Centre has designed and delivered numerous workshops for Memorial University students on elements of writing, at instructors' request. Typically, the workshops are 45-50 minutes long, and every possible effort is made to tailor them to individual instructor/ class requirements. To date, we have given presentations to Business, Earth Science, English, Fisheries Resource Management, History, Music, Nursing, Psychology, Physical Education/Recreation, Physics, Social Work, Sociology, and Women's Studies classes. The one stipulation we make is that the instructor be present while the workshop is being presented to the class.

Below is a list of workshops the Centre has offered from 1997 to 1999; these can readily be repeated upon request (several weeks' notice is recommended, however, for scheduling purposes). We will also gladly design further workshops, should instructors request them. However, as creating a workshop "from scratch" is a time-consuming job, we must restrict the number of new workshops offered in any given term to a manageable number. Therefore, if you would like us to create a workshop for you, it is important that you discuss it with us as far in advance of the time you require it as possible.

Composition Workshops

  • Using Transitional Words and Phrases
  • Punctuation and Quotations
  • Using and Integrating Quotations in One's Writing
  • Effective Paraphrasing
  • In-text Citations: MLA and APA Style
  • Creating Effective Word Journals (scholarly article summaries)
  • General Principles of Academic Writing
  • Creating Working and Formal Outlines
  • Preparing to Write a Research Paper

Discipline-Specific Workshops

  • Format and Principles For Writing Scientific Research Papers (presented in 1st and 2nd year Physics)
  • Principles of Effective Technical Report Writing (presented in 3rd year Earth Science)
  • Writing Effective Introductions and Conclusions (presented in 2nd year Physical Education/ Recreation)
  • Incorporating Lines of Poetry into Text (presented in 1st year English)
  • Elements of an Effective Critical Analysis (presented in 1st year English)
  • Writing Research Proposals (presented in 4th year Physical Education/ Recreation)
  • Writing Graduate Research Proposals (presented in the graduate program in Fisheries Resource Management)
  • Writing Literature Reviews (presented in 2nd year Nursing)
  • Preparing Literature Reviews for Thesis Proposals (presented in the graduate program in Community Health)
  • Writing Articles for Publication (presented for the Faculty of Medicine)

Grammar Workshops

  • Avoiding the Comma Splice
  • Correcting Fragmented and Run-on Sentences
  • Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement
  • Pluralization, Possession, and the Apostrophe
  • Using Commas, Colons, and Semicolons

Instructional Level Workshops (also offered as individual consultation)

  • Principles and Techniques of Writing Instruction
  • Designing the Writing Component of Research/Writing Courses
  • Providing Effective Feedback for Writing Assignments
  • Addressing the Process of Writing in Writing Instruction