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Healthy Lifestyle Program

Healthy food

The MUN Counselling Centre and Student Health is providing students the chance to incorporate activity and healthy eating habits into their lives through the Healthy Lifestyle Program.

This is a free 8 week program to learn about all areas related to health. Classes are structured to meet the needs of students and topics can include things such as; weight Management, healthy eating, stress, time management, exercise, etc. Sessions will be held in a private and comfortable setting at the Counselling Centre.

Classes are every week on Wednesdays; February 3rd, 2016 until March 30th, 2016 at 12 noon in UC5002.

To register, visit the Counselling Centre (UC 5000) or call 864-2659. Students can also contact Shania Caravan (Healthy Lifestyle Coordinator) to learn more about this program.