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Self Defense

The Memorial University Judo Club

Start your UFC training now or augment your martial arts or other sport training.


Class Offerings

The Fall 2013 semester is off to an excellent start in our new dojo at 21 Mews Place. The training schedule is:

Kids (6-12) Monday and Wednesday 6:30-7:30 PM

Teens (13-19) Wednesday 7:30-9 PM and Saturday 11-12:30 PM

Adults Monday 7:30-9 PM and Thursday 6:30-8 PM

Competition training for teens and adults (minimum yellow belt required) Sunday 1-2:30 PM

Dress: Be sure to wear a long sleeve shirt, track pants and no jewelry.
Register at class or call Judo Hot Line 726-0945

Have fun learning a new skill and laughing is encouraged.

MUN Judo hotline or contact telephone number is 726-0945

Mun Judo Home WebPage:

MUN Student Wellness webpage