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Peer Helper Program

Hi from the Peer Helpers! We'd like to welcome you to our web page.
Our web page is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date of all upcoming Health and Wellness events; the most recent information available on issues that are of importance to you; the rewards of becoming a Peer Helper and how you can get involved.

What is the Peer Helper Program?

The Peer Helper Program, an initiative of the Wellness Program, is supported by Student Affairs and Services and directed by the Wellness Coordinator.

We are Peer Helpers, students trained to provide information to other students both here at Memorial's main campus and at the Marine Institute. We participate in campus-wide awareness campaigns and special events upon request.

Our Objectives

  • to provide a direct information service to all students
  • to provide positive role models for our fellow students
  • to provide students with the information needed to make informed decisions
  • to provide learning experiences where all students can develop valuable life skills
  • to maximize opportunities for positive peer interactions

Why Peer Helpers Are Necessary

  • People most often seek help from peers when they have personal concerns.
  • Peers model each other's behaviour and positive role models can encourage healthy standards.
  • Peer Helpers can bridge the gap between professionals and students by providing accurate and confidential information about seeking professional help.
  • Peer Helpers are trained to use a number of skills (e.g. listening and attending skills, values clarification, and use of questioning) which enable them to provide informal help to other students.
  • Peer helping can enhance the personal growth of students seeking help.

The Rewards Are Endless!

  • Develop interpersonal and social skills.
  • Enhance personal growth.
  • Develop a deeper self-knowledge.
  • Improve academic performance.
  • Become more knowledgeable about your university.
  • Meet great people.
  • A great way to enhance your university career.
  • Give you resumé a boost.
  • Build references.
  • Make contacts and network.

What qualities do Peer Helpers have?

Peer Helpers are students who:

  • are interested in developing and/or expanding their interpersonal and communication skills.
  • demonstrate an interest in leadership activities.
  • enjoy interacting with and helping others.
  • are motivated and positive thinkers.
  • enjoy sharing their knowledge with others.
  • are positive role models for others.

What are the training requirements?

Students must be enrolled in courses to participate. Some training is required to work for the program. Training for Peer Helpers is generally referred to as "Core Training" which covers the basics of team building, student development theory, communication skills, values clarification and referral skills.

Peer Helpers are encourged to attend all training sessions.

What are the benefits of Peer Helping?

There are many benefits for Peer Helpers in terms of expanding upon leadership and communication skills, while being of help to other students.
The Peer Helper program offers students skills development training and practice provided by faculty and staff from Student Affairs, Student Health, and the various schools and faculties on campus.
The training and experience gained are assets which can be used both in the workplace and personal relationships.

How do you become a Peer Helper?

To become a Peer Helper, complete an appication form and drop it off at:

Wellness Office
Room 5002A of the Counselling Centre
5th floor of the UC


Application forms may also be acquired by:

  • E-mail the Wellness Coordinator with your name, full mailing address, and telephone number. An application will be mailed to you. Please return completed form, in person, to the above address.
  • Dropping by the Wellness Office and picking up a Peer Helper Program Application. Fill in the form and return it.
  • Phone the Wellness Office at (709) 864-2659 or 864-8874 and request that a Peer Helper Program application form be mailed to you. Be sure to include your name, full mailing address, and telephone number. Return the completed form, in person, or mail to the above address.