Women's Association of Memorial University of Newfoundland

Where is the Community Room
of the A. C. Hunter Libary?
It is on the 3rd floor of the A&CC Annex.  
What is the A&CC Annex?

It is the building opposite the main entrance of the Arts & Culture Centre.


How do I get there?
Where do I park? 

Park in the A&CC parking lot.

Some spaces are clearly labeled: “Parking by Permit Only”;
all of the spaces ‘in the middle’ are free.

Head toward the little ‘Annex’ parking lot and cross the driveway. 
When you get to the lot, turn right and you will see a glass door.
Go in and take the elevator (or the stairs) to the 3rd floor.
We will have the door of the Community Room open and waiting for you. 


A&CC Parking Lot