Internal Consultant

The Internal Consultant is a resource to Memorial University with a mandate for improving the administrative practices of the University.

The Internal Consultant works with administrative, academic, and research units to achieve integrated administrative practices, policies, and procedures that support Memorial in the pursuit of its objectives. Current practices are reviewed to determine opportunities for improvement. Potential new leading practices are investigated to determine opportunities for implementation. Innovation is a key focus, as well as opportunities that can be acted upon.

Project requests are assessed against the following criteria to determine the project priority:

  • priority is given to projects that can be directly linked to university goals and objectives;
  • priority will be given to projects that have an objective of improving administrative services delivery;
  • priority will be given to projects that have an impact on the entire organization ahead of projects that have an impact on individual university units;
  • priority will be given to projects that can improve the relationships and interactions between the administrative and academic/research areas of the organization;

Projects may be undertaken by the Internal Consultant directly or in cooperation with other internal University resources. The Internal Consultant may also coordinate projects undertaken by external resources.

Examples of completed projects include:

Operational/Process reviews

  • Information Technology organization structure & resources
  • Print Shop/Mailroom at the Health Sciences Complex
  • Memorial branded product licensing
  • Supply chain management within the Faculty of Science
  • Graduate Studies Fellowship funding
  • Administrative systems and their impact on ambassadorial activities
  • Computer Purchasing Centre
  • Student safety & security in campus housing
  • Information Technology structure and support within Facilities Management
  • Trust fund administration
  • Procurement systems – St. John’s and Grenfell campuses
  • Purchasing card program
  • Marine Institute printing services
  • Science Tech positions and chemical dispensaries within Department of Chemistry
  • Shared services agreement for the Health Sciences Complex
  • Internal chargebacks
  • Off campus space

Policy review and development

  • Guidelines for the engagement of consulting/professional services
  • General Travel policy
  • Recruitment related travel policies
  • Purchasing policy
  • Contract Administration policy
  • Policy framework pilot project

Assist in Request for Proposals development

  • Food services
  • Health & safety software
  • Strategic review of Human Resources Department
  • Offshore Simulator – Marine Institute
  • Computer hardware

For further information on how the Internal Consultant may assist your unit contact:

Bruce Gorman, Internal Consultant
Phone:  864-8572