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Application Deadline: Applicants are considered on a rolling basis. Students are encouraged to apply by March 1 for fall, Oct. 1 for winter or Feb. 1 for spring.
Separate application required: No
Intake: Fall, winter and spring semesters


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE these degree programs generally take four years to complete. students must choose a major (see list of majors below) and they may also choose a minor.


  • Applied mathematics
  • Behavioral neuroscience*
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology*
  • Biology (cell and molecular)*
  • Biology (ecology and conservation)*
  • Biology (marine)*
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry (computational)
  • Computer science*
  • Computer science (software engineering)*
  • Earth sciences
  • Economics*
  • Environmental physics^
  • Geography
  • Nutrition
  • Physics
  • Psychology*
  • Pure mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Diverse joint/interdisciplinary options

^ Interdisciplinary
* co-op available


Students may apply for admission into the bachelor of science program directly from high school by indicating their program choice on the university application. At the St. John’s Campus, entry into a specific major requires the completion of at least 10 courses at the university level and some majors are competitive for a limited number of placements. Direct entry into the faculty from high school is subject to the applicant meeting the general admission requirements for Memorial University.


For further information on the Faculty of Science degree programs and majors visit or email

Phone: 709 864 8153 or 709 864 8154