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Application Deadline: March 1
Separate application required: Yes (for students beyond first year)
Intake: Fall semester only


BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING (CO-OP) A five-year mandatory co-operative degree program composed of eight full-time academic terms and a minimum of four full-time work terms. Students can choose from six available majors and may also take offshore oil and gas engineering electives, which are available in all of our undergraduate degrees.

Available majors:

  • Civil engineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Ocean and naval architectural engineering
  • Process engineering

Students will have the opportunity to apply the engineering concepts and theories they learn in the classrooms and laboratories to the real world as they embark on a minimum of four work terms or a maximum of six that will give them the equivalent of two years of real engineering work experience prior to graduation.


The common first year of our engineering program is referred to as Engineering One. Students will study mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering fundamentals which are common to each of the majors we offer. The engineering courses in Engineering One introduce students to engineering problem-solving, analysis, design, communication and teamwork. Students will develop an understanding of different engineering fields and how engineering relates to real world issues.



Admission to the bachelor of engineering program is competitive for a limited number of placements. Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee a student's acceptance into the program. Final admission and readmission decisions rest with the Engineering Admissions Committee.

In general, an average of more than 80 per cent in high school advanced math, chemistry, physics, and English can be considered a minimum for consideration. Student applications are processed on an ongoing basis in the year of application so students are encouraged to apply early. Decisions are based on final grades available at the time of application processing. If a student’s final grades for their grade 12 year are unavailable due to the date of processing, it is likely that the admission committee would make an initial decision based on a student’s grade 11 final grades.

MATHEMATICS Students must be eligible to register for Math 1000 in the fall semester of Engineering One. In order to register for Math 1000:

  • Students who successfully complete advanced Math 3200 with a grade of at least 75 per cent will be allowed direct entry to Math 1000.
  • Students who successfully complete advanced Math 3200 with a grade less than 75 per cent must write the Mathematics Placement Test* (MPT) and receive at least 75 per cent in order to register for Math 1000.

  • Students who successfully complete a Grade 12 level advanced mathematics course outside of Newfoundland and Labrador must write the MPT* and receive at least 75 per cent in order to register for Math 1000.

  • Students who complete academic Math 3201 (or equivalent) will not be eligible for Math 1000. Those students must write the MPT* for placement in an appropriate mathematics course.

Students who complete Math 3208 (or an equivalent differential calculus course) may write the Calculus Placement Test (CPT). Successful students will receive credit for Math 1000 and can proceed to Math 1001. Students who are unsuccessful in their writing of the CPT will need to score at least 75 on the MPT to gain entry to Math 1000.

Transfer credit for Math 1000 will be granted for completion of International Baccalaureate Higher Level Mathematics with a score of four or higher or completion of Advanced Placement Mathematics (Calculus AB or BC) with a score of three or higher.

*The Department of Mathematics and Statistics administers a diagnostic of basic skills in mathematics called the Mathematics Placement Test (MPT). The MPT has been carefully designed by mathematics educators to measure levels of competence in specific core areas of mathematics—addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers, fractions and algebraic expressions. For more information on the MPT, visit


PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY Students must be eligible to register for Chemistry 1050 and Physics 1050 and 1051 in Engineering One.

  • Students who have completed Chemistry 3202 (or equivalent) in high school, and received at least 75 per cent will be eligible for admission to Chemistry 1050 in their first semester. Math 1000 must be taken concurrently with Physics 1050 and Chemistry 1050

  • It is strongly recommended that students complete Physics 3204 (or equivalent) prior to registering for Physics 1050

Students who are not eligible for direct entry into Engineering One may complete Engineering One courses as a bachelor of science student, where space permits. These students can apply for direct acceptance into engineering academic term three.

Students who intend to apply to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science but are currently not eligible should contact our Student Liaison Officer.



For further information on the Bachelor of Engineering visit or email the Student Liaison Officer at

Phone: 709 864 8813