Historic Sites & Parks

There's a sense of awe that comes over you when you stand on our coast. You're standing on the edge of North America. Now take a deep breath. Have you ever experienced fresh air like this?

As you watch the waves crash against the cliffs and rocks that line the coast remember that for most of our ancestors this is the sight that greeted them as they approached the new world. Rough. Rugged. Untamed. And completely natural.

Newfoundland remains pristine. An untouched remnant of centuries long past. Explore it yourself and discover:

  • Thousands of miles of rugged coastline.
  • Two rural fishing villages right in the middle of a modern city.
  • Wildlife of every description.
  • Panoramic ocean views at every turn in the road.
  • Open spaces as far as you can see.
  • Air so fresh that it takes your breath away.

Move inland from the coast to experience some of the great parks that St. John's offers. You'll find a variety of parks, both large and small, and a series of walking trails that snake from one end of the city to the other.

Bannerman Park

One of St. John's major parks, Bannerman Park features a public swimming pool, playgrounds, a baseball diamond and large open grassy areas. Currently, the park is undergoing a full revitalization with the goal to ensure it remains a city landmark for years to come. Keep an eye out for a the new ice skating trail and splash pad.

Bowring Park

Located on Waterford Bridge Road, this massive park is run by the Bowring Park Foundation. It is home to over 50 acres of parklands, swimming facilities, playgournds, walkways and sculptures. Among the sculptures is the famous Sir George Frampton's Peter Pan monument. Bowring Park's Peter Pan is one of six such monuments in the world. The original is located in London's Kensington Gardens. As well the park features the sister statue to the Beaumont-Hamel Memorial in France.

Harbourside Park

Home to the Jazz festival and a scenic view of St. John's Harbour and the South-side Hills. This is one of the city's relatively new parks, and features a stage and seating area for performances, and is located across the street from the City's major War Memorial.

Skate Parks

St. John's has a growing Skate community, and the city has remodled several areas of the city to help skater boarders compete and practice. The City of St. John's provides further information and locations for all the skate parks located around the city.


Walking Trails

East Coast Trail

Maintained by the East Coast Trail Association, this hiking trail stretches over 500km, winding all along the shores of the Province's Avalon penninsula. Over 200km of world class hiking standard trail begins at Fort Amherst in St. John's, and leads all the way to Cappahayden along the Southern Shore.

The Grand Concourse Walking Trail

The Grand Concourse has over 120 km (70 miles) of walkways throughout St. John's and surrounding areas. The Grand Concourse Authority oversees the maintainence and improvement of the city's walkways and several parks. Rest areas and other ammenities have been added to present an enjoyable experience for all walkers.



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