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Downtown St. John's

Every city has a downtown, but ours truly is the best. What we lack in size, we make up for in character!

Here you actually go "down" town. Down winding hills dotted with pink, red, blue, purple and orange houses; down to the water, the way any respectable downtown should be.

And what do you do when you get there?

  • Stroll along Harbour Drive and take in the salt air.
  • Explore the stores and restaurants that run the length of Water Street, the oldest street in North America.
  • Delight in the live music, cozy coffee houses, and slew of colourful characters that are just part of the charm of downtown St. John's.
  • And keep your eyes peeled for celebrities. You never know when you might stroll into a pub and find Russell Crowe singing a tune.

All this, and so close to campus! You can take a study break downtown everyday. It's just a couple of minutes by cab, 10 minutes on the bus, or less than a half-hour on foot.

Before you know it, you'll have discovered your new favourite hang out. And after four years you'll find you've become one of those colourful characters you remember meeting in your early jaunts downtown.