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There are many ways to get involved and volunteer at Memorial University. Memorial offers a number of volunteer opportunities through the Student Volunteer Bureau (SVB). The SVB is a resource centre and referral service for students interested in getting involved with volunteer work. The office is staffed by trained student employees and volunteers to assist individuals in finding volunteer placements on campus and in the St. John’s community. There are many reasons you should consider volunteering. Aside from the great sense of accomplishment, it helps build your self-esteem, confidence and character. It also broadens your employment contacts and looks great on your résumé.


Swing by the University Centre and check out the opportunities the SVB has to offer. They’ll have the contact information of the people and organizations who are seeking volunteers, as well as other services that are often looking for people. Some of these might be short-term volunteer opportunities, and some of them may be more long term. You can also sign up for the volunteer email listserv. The SVB sends out volunteer opportunities to their listerv as they arise, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything! You can sign up anytime by emailing with “SIGN ME UP” as your subject or by visiting the SVB when you arrive on campus.

The SVB has volunteers working for them. Volunteer assistants help run the SVB and are required three to five hours each week. They also help coordinate the Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP). The VIP consists of three ascending award levels that were created to encourage and recognize student involvement in volunteer activities on and off campus. VIP is designed to promote career development and self-awareness, as each participant progresses through their university careers. Successful participants are honoured at an annual recognition ceremony each winter.

The SVB also promotes and recognizes volunteerism by hosting the annual Get Involved and Volunteer Fair with the MUN Students’ Union each fall, as well as coordinating the annual MUN Volunteer Day Awards Ceremony each spring.


Volunteering and student leadership at Memorial go hand in hand; one cannot happen without the other. Some of the leadership opportunities at Memorial include:


Orientation is one of Memorial’s largest annual events, welcoming all new students over two days. On the first day, Memorial welcomes students to campus and connects them with other students. We provide a campus tour, free Memorial swag and a high-energy opening ceremony complete with live entertainment. On the second day, the focus is on helping students complete everything on their checklist ... while still having some fun! The checklist includes wireless set-up, locker rentals and an interactive coffee house with various activities taking place throughout the day. Orientation is a great way for students to kick start their time at Memorial. It is run mainly by volunteers and student leadership representatives.


The Memorial Ambassador Program provides Memorial volunteers with an opportunity to represent the University at a wide range of activities and events including donor recognition functions, advancement opportunities, convocation, special events, campus tours, student recruitment sessions and high school visits.

Memorial Ambassadors are chosen through a selection process. Ambassadors will receive specialized training in communications, networking and dining etiquette.


The annual Memorial Student Leadership Conference is held in the winter semester. The conference is a one-day event filled with interesting and interactive sessions built on practical experiences, leadership theory and community service. The conference recognizes and rewards student leadership while fostering existing and emerging leaders.


The volunteer and leadership experience you get while attending Memorial can be put on your Co-Curricular Record. Memorial’s Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an official document that highlights and verifies students’ out-of-class learning and involvement. The CCR was developed to support and recognize student engagement in qualifying campus activities and serves as a companion piece to the academic transcript, resumé, and as an artifact in the ePortfolio. Non-credit courses and certificates, scholarships and awards, volunteer experience and work experience can all be included on your CCR.


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