Employment Opportunities

By finding a job during your studies at Memorial University, you can build your resumé, gain hands on experience and earn some extra spending money. At Memorial, students can find jobs that are on campus, off campus or created for co-operative work term placements.


Career Development and Experiential Learning is there to help Memorial’s students find on-campus or off-campus jobs and connect with potential employers. Students can book appointments with a Career Development or Experiential Learning Advisor to get help with resumé writing, job interviews, career planning and more. The Centre also offers guidance specifically for bachelor of arts and bachelor of science students.


Memorial's on-campus job programs include:

  • Memorial Undergraduate Career Experience Program (MUCEP)
  • The International Student Work Experience Program (ISWEP)
  • The Student Work and Service Program for Student Parents (SWASP)

These programs are offered only to Memorial students and with your employer being on-campus they understand a student schedule and allow your work schedule to be flexible around your student schedule.

MUCEP JOBS are open to all students registered for at least one course during the semester and who have a 60 per cent or above cumulative average. Each MUCEP position requires that students complete either 40 hours or 80 hours of work during the semester. Students are able to complete two 40 hour MUCEPs or one 80 hour MUCEP per semester.

ISWEP JOBS are very similar to MUCEPs, but are only open to undergraduate international students or ESL students who have a valid study permit.

MUCEP and ISWEP jobs are advertised during the second week of classes each semester and students are able to use their login in to view postings and apply for these jobs fully online.

SWASP JOBS are funded by the provincial government of Newfoundland and Labrador and offer students the opportunity to receive a tuition credit and cash stipend for their work. During the fall and winter semesters these jobs are open only to student parents enrolled at Memorial University. However, they are open to all Memorial students during the spring semester. Applications for the SWASP program are available from Career Development and Experiential Learning (CDEL).


Off-campus jobs offer a variety of options from employers in many different fields around the city. Local employers often look to the Memorial University community to hire students with the skills and experience they are looking for. International students are only eligible to work off campus if they have a valid Off Campus Work Permit. For more information on off-campus work international students should visit



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