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International Applicants

Memorial has three semesters:

  • Fall (September)
  • Winter (January)
  • Spring (May)

Most students begin studies in the fall and continue into the winter semester. The spring semester also includes two shorter sessions: intersession runs from May to June and the summer session runs from June to August.

The spring semester often has less course offerings and services for students. As a result, it is usually best for new students to begin their studies during the fall or winter semesters. Please contact one of our international recruitment officers for further clarification about this recommendation.

To be eligible for general undergraduate admission, you need to successfully complete senior level high school courses in the following five subject areas:

  • English language/literature
  • Mathematics*
  • A laboratory science*
  • A modern language, classical language or social science
  • One other subject area

You’ll also need an overall average of 70 percent (roughly equivalent to a strong B average) in the senior level courses relevant to your area of study. Students are also required to demonstrate proof of English language proficiency.

Admission to some programs is competitive for a limited number of spaces. A higher admissions average and/or supplementary information may be required as part of the faculty-specific admissions.

*One of either the mathematics or laboratory science course requirements may be waived for admission to programs where the subject is not included among the requirements for the program to which the student has applied for admission. If your high school program excludes both subjects at the senior level, contact the Office of the Registrar for more information.

Check out what documents from your country are required for admission using our admission documents chart:

International Admission Documents