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Car Pool Parking Permits

The use of carpools on campus is encouraged. Two or more users, employees or students, may apply for a single permit at the appropriate fee for use in a carpool. An application form must be completed for each vehicle in the carpool.

Carpool permits will be laminated by the issuing office and must be placed on the dashboard of the registered vehicle so as to be clearly visible from outside the vehicle when the vehicle is parked on campus.

Applicable parking area rates apply.

For more information, see parking regulations or contact: Campus Enforcement and Patrol Office, FM1018, or phone 864-8561.

Special Designated Student Carpool

Special designated student carpool parking spaces are available. Student carpooling members are required to submit a Student Carpool Registration Form. For more information, see page two of the Student Carpool Registration Form or contact Jeff Fifield, Campus Enforcement and Patrol, 864-2047.