The Sustainability Office, a unit of the Department of Facilities Management, was created in January 2007, with the hiring of the University’s first Sustainability Co-ordinator.

In April 2007, the Advisory Committee on Sustainability (ACS) was formed. This committee provided a link from faculty, staff and students to the Sustainability Office.

In December 2012, the Vice-Presidents' Council (VPC) established a new committee called the University Sustainability Committee (USC).  More information on the USC will be posted to this website soon.

The Sustainability Co-ordinator’s role is to:

  • work with Memorial’s University Sustainability Committee (the USC)
  • determine priorities for sustainability initiatives
  • develop, promote and implement sustainability initiatives
  • act as point of contact for inquiries and input from staff, faculty and students
  • compile information on current sustainability initiatives at MUN; and
  • research sustainability issues and potential initiatives.