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Program description

The First Year Success Program is a fulltime, first year experience preparing students for their subsequent programs of study and for the careers they might consider on leaving university.  Its courses concentrate on the skills required to be a university student. Active student learning is stressed and students will be encouraged to participate in university activities of many kinds and be involved in communities of living and learning. All course are for credit.

Fall Semester

Winter Semester

University 1010

University 2020

Arts 1500

English 1080

Psychology 1000

Psychology 1001

Advised Math or an Elective

Advised Math or an Elective



University 1010 provides an introduction to the facilities and learning opportunities of the university.

University 2020 develops learning skills, concentrating on such matters as time organization and use of memory.

Both of these courses (1010 and 2020) include a module on Information Literacy, offered by the Queen Elizabeth II Library. Computer-based research skills are an important part of what students learn as information literacy.

Arts 1500 (Introduction to University Writing) teaches students the language and writing skills that will be required across academic disciplines.

Psychology 1000, 1001 and English 1080 are commonly completed first-year courses. Students enrolled in the First-Year Success program are taught in general classes but benefit from supplementary instruction in additional smaller class each week.

Advised Math or Elective - Based on performance in the Math Placement Test, students will be advised about a first math course, should they wish to pursue a degree requiring Math. This may include Math 1050, 1051, 1090, 1000 or a Foundation Math course. Foundation math courses are not credit courses.

General Elective - Students may select a course based on their own intellectual and career interests.