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Brandi Travers - A saver

"I am doing this through student loans and savings. I worked for four years after highschool. I am doing this on my own. Don't waste your money! I worked at a bank and learned great ways of saving money. I put money away every cheque no matter what. Do your homework! Get a really good bank account with good interest - it is all the little stuff like that!"

Brittany Edwards - Waitressing with a bonus

" I found a waitressing job that gives you $50 a week to go towards tuition. You can save your tips and get a $400 bursary at the end of 8 weeks. It is a win-win situation!"

Liam Geehan-Hearn - Paying as he goes

"I tried to figure out as many ways to help myself as possible. During my second semester, I decided to pick up a job as a sales associate. Basically all the payments for University come from my paycheck and commissions, Try your hardest, do your best and working along with school forces you to study in the time you have. I now have better time management skills too!"

Jennifer Sullivan - The little things

"I got rid of my car to take the bus. I work part-time and have a student line of credit. I pay what I can out of my cheque and use my student line of credit for the rest and pay it back. I try to pack my lunch as much as possible to save on the expense of buying them from the food court. Every little bit counts!"