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Volunteer Training

Training Outline

Volunteer training will be composed of an online portion and a day-long event at the end of August. The online portion of training will introduce you to the campus and how Orientation runs. The purpose is to prepare you for what you will experience the days of, and to prepare you for the many questions New Students may ask. The training day on Saturday, August 31st will allow you to meet the Orientation team, and fellow volunteers. You will get further training on the events of Orientation and what you will be individually responsible for. You'll receive your t-shirt and your personal schedule for Days 1 and 2. You will be notified when the online training is available via e-mail and of the arrival times for the training day.

Online training

The online training will be a mix of photos, videos, and text about MUN, Orientation, and general important information. You will be given details about departments around campus (MUNSU, Student Affairs and Services, Athletics) and what they can for first year students. Campus/MUNnel maps will be provided to refresh and prepare you to give campus tours. Orientation events will be broken down with more detail and responsibilities of Event Leaders and Group Leaders for each event will be outlined so you know what to expect during training and the days of. Finally, there will be some general tips as to what makes a great volunteer, and how to effectively communicate with all persons involved in Orientation. Each volunteer is required to complete the training and answer the questions asked throughout. You will be emailed once this training is available!


Description of Responsibilities

You will be assigned to one of these roles depending on what tasks you indicated interested you on your application.

Group Leaders

Group Leaders work the closest with the New Students. On Day 1, every Group Leader will be assigned a group of students and they will be responsible for taking them to all the events and providing a campus tour. Group Leaders are enthusiastic, high energy, and informative. They will be responsible for having their group fill out registration forms, they will facilitate icebreakers, and they will answer the many questions New Students may have. On Day 2, Group Leaders perform more varied roles but are also responsible for leading personalized campus tours.

Event Leaders

Event Leaders are more behind the scene workers, setting up and running the individual events. They will be responsible for putting up signs, keeping track of the number of attendees to their event, answering questions, crowd control, and keep supplies in order, while ensuring the event is running smoothly. Tasks for Event Leaders can vary greatly depending on what event they are working on!