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Benefits of Volunteering

Skills Gained at Orientation

Orientation provides its volunteers with the opportunity to build team work skills, efficient and quick problem solving, knowledge about our campus and services, and the opportunity to be a mentor to New Students. There are plenty of valuable skills and experiences to be had though volunteering for Orientation!

The following word graphic is an example of all the different types of skills volunteers bring to the table when volunteering for Orientation:

Volunteer Skills Wordle

Of course, there are many reasons why people volunteer. The following word graphic represents all the reasons why volunteers for Orientation have decided to volunteer!

Volunteering Motivation Wordle


Orientation and VIP

As an Orientation Volunteer, you will gain an average of 16 hours of volunteer work. This is a great contribution to getting one of your VIP levels!

VIP - Volunteer Incentive Program

There are four ascending award levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold,and Platinum. Students enter the Program at the Bronze level and then, upon meeting the Bronze requirements, continue with Silver, Gold, then Platinum. Each award level has set criteria.

In addition to the satisfaction gained from giving to their community, volunteers will receive well-deserved recognition for their accomplishments. For the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels, students must complete a set number of hours of volunteer service as well as reflection projects. Those who complete each level will be recognized at an annual Volunteer Incentive Program Awards Ceremony. Organizations participating in the VIP will benefit from the time and talents of well-rounded university students - and with an added impetus for students to volunteer, organizations may see an increase in their volunteer hours.

Moreover, by combining volunteerism with valuable life and career skills, participants will realize their potential as student leaders. The skills students acquire through the VIP will assist them in their personal and professional development. You can find more information about the VIP program by visiting the Student Volunteer Bureau's webpage.


Co-Curricular Record (CCR)

Another benefit to volunteering for Orientation is being able to add the volunteer experience to your co-curricular record (CCR). Your co-curricular record is like an academic transcript for your extra curricular activities. Most activities or jobs that you complete at Memorial can be added to this record. You can add activities to your co-curricular through your account, by clicking on the MyMUNLife button under the "Student" tab.