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What to Bring

  1. Comfortable clothes, shoes and a jacket: There will be lots of movement and activity on this day - so make sure you dress comfortably!
  2. Re-useable water bottle: There will be lots of moving around during Orientation - bringing a re-useable water bottle will help you to stay hydrated throughout the day!
  3. Your student number: if you don't have it memorized yet, write it down on a piece of paper or on your phone.
  4. Your class schedule: Personalized campus tours will be available all day on Day 2. By bringing your class schedule, we can show you exactly where your classes are! You can find your class schedule by logging in to and going to the “Students” tab.
  5. Your laptop, smartphone and MUN login: On Day 2, our tech experts can get you hooked up to MUN's WiFi network!
  6. Money: If you're interested in buying books and school supplies at the bookstore, MUN swag, or renting a locker, don't forget your wallet!
  7. Photo ID: If you've already pre-ordered a campus card, you'll need a piece of government issued photo ID to pick it up! If you don't have your campus card yet, now's your chance to get one. Bring your ID along so we can print you a campus card!

Feel free to bring snacks during Orientation!