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Group Leader

Duration of position

Communication throughout the summer, 3 days (volunteer training and two days of Orientation) in the fall

Time commitment

A commitment to regular online communications; mandatory volunteer training and Orientation Day 1 and 2.

Skills you will enhance and develop

Adaptability, flexibility, cooperation, collaboration, effective interactive communication, initiative, organizational awareness and self-confidence.

Each Group Leader will be responsible for interacting with first year students, facilitating icebreakers, leading students from event to event, facilitating a campus tour, and effectively listening to and answering student questions.

"I have volunteered for two Orientations, fall and winter. What I like about Orientation is that it is a great way to meet new people from a variety of backgrounds in a fun atmosphere and show them all that our St. John's Memorial campus has to offer. It's a learning experience!"

- Nikita Prowse, Orientation 2012 Group Leader