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Saving 101: Distance Education

Learn Without Leaving Home

Why Study at a Distance?

Distance education is a convenient, flexible alternative to on-campus studies. Distance education courses are as close as your mailbox electronic or otherwise! Distance education courses are convenient. No need to relocate or travel much (if at all!) so expenses are held to a minimum. And distance education courses are flexible; you can plan your studies around your schedule. No need to interrupt learning while earning. This is an excellent way to save alot of money while you work toward toward your degree, diploma or certificate. The savings from living expenses can be substantial - you can easily save 1000's of dollars, money you may normally have to borrow for.

Distance Education at MUN Save by doing Distance Education courses from MUN

Memorial University offers over 100 credit courses through distance education, i.e., Web-based, correspondence, & teleconference. MUN's Distance Education Learning Technologies website has all the information you'll need to get started in a web or distance education course.

To see a credit course listing, click here for the full course listings and descriptions.