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Saving 101: Dare to Spare

Dare to Spare

Think Differently

We wish we had more money, right? Usually the money comes from somewhere or someone else, but you can give yourself a raise. Just be willing to try something different. Life does not always have to be the same. Some people think,

"I have got to have that morning coffee... and evening coffee...," or

"I <i>must</i> go to a club, or movie... after all, it's Friday night."

Get the picture? Remember, you as an individual are in charge of your own destiny, not advertisers or peers. The point is, do we really need to be spending as much as we do on discretionary things?

Try different habits. You can save if you try it. We as humans are very adaptable, and cutting back on certain costly habits may not kill you. On the contrary, it can often make you healthier and happier.

Save Up to $1,000 or More a Semester

Save a $1,000? Sure, it is possible for some students; some could save more, less for others, depending on your current spending habits. But it is very possible for you to have more money in your pockets. Are you up to the challenge? Try it yourself - click here to see how much you can save.

Below left is listed a typical spending habit of the average student. On the right is suggested spending on these items. See how it adds up.