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Announcement of Canada's first journal devoted entirely to research on post secondary students

Invitation to Participate

Memorial University of Newfoundland through its Office of Student Affairs and Services would like to announce the launch of Canada's first academic peer reviewed journal devoted entirely to research focused on post secondary students. The journal will be entitled – The International Journal of Research on Post secondary Students (IJRPSS).

The field of post secondary education is continually evolving. Through this evolution the centrality of students in the post secondary experience is complex and requires thoughtful and disciplined examination. It is anticipated that the myriad of research on the student experience, student learning, student engagement, student affairs and services and student development will be examined.

The term post secondary was chosen to ensure inclusivity and to further ensure that no differentiation is made between the myriad of post secondary institutions to which students choose to enroll. This includes universities, colleges (community college), university/college, institutes of technology, and yet unknown iterations of organizational structures.

Research is welcomed from all disciplines and fields of study. The post secondary student experience is not constrained to one academic discipline or administrative unit. This journal will not be prescriptive in narrowing the focus to one discipline or field of study but will seek to embrace the inter-disciplinarity of the student experience.

A special focus will include an invitation to the international post secondary community to share their research on post secondary students experience so that we can begin to truly understand the international challenges, opportunities, and complexities inherent in the post secondary student lived experience.

This peer reviewed academic journal will employ a double blind peer review process. This process will ensure transparency and credibility in the review process. It will further support the development of young scholars and researchers in the beginning stages of their research careers. The ability to nurture new researchers and enhance their professional development through a thoughtful and developmental approach to the peer review process will be embraced.


Call for Expressions of Interest

.At this time The International Journal of Research on Post-secondary Students is requesting expressions of interest from individuals who wish to volunteer as part of the editorial board. Individuals who have previous experience as part of an editorial board and or significant experience in editorial roles are especially encouraged to contact us. Previous experience in the publication of academic peer reviewed articles is welcomed.

The International Journal of Research on Post secondary Students is further soliciting expressions of interest to serve as peer reviewers of articles. It is anticipated that these articles will be submitted from multiple disciplines, fields of study and areas of student affairs and services. Given this expectation we will entertain expressions of interest from individuals with a terminal degree in any field of study with special attention given to those individuals who have previously published in academic peer reviewed publications.

The journal will be entirely open access and online. The decision to employ an online open access process is critical to ensure that the most up to date and current research is available to all individuals for whom research on post secondary students is important. This medium of dissemination will also allow the furthest dissemination of author's research and, by virtue of this process, engage the largest audience possible.



It is anticipated that a full editorial board and initial reviewers will be selected by December 15, 2011. An announcement will be made on January 15, 2012 regarding the composition of both administrative bodies. It should be understood that not all individuals will be selected for an editorial board in the first instance but through a natural rotation of terms for editorial board volunteers there will be further opportunities.

A call for papers will be made shortly thereafter with a first publication scheduled for Fall of 2012.

Further inquiries may be submitted to:
Dr. Robert Shea
Assistant Professor (Post Secondary & Adult Education)
Dean Student Affairs & Services Pro tempore
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL
A1C 5S7