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Residence Life Staff

The Residence Life Office is staffed by both full-time student affairs professionals and part-time staff. These staff members are responsible for the development and delivery of residence life programming. The Residence Life staff also act as a resource for residents, providing support and guidance on academic, social, and personal issues. Residents of student housing should never feel as if there is no where for them to turn when they are in need. A visit to the Residence Life Office is sure to help the resident navigate the transition from living at home, to life on-campus. Residents should never hesitate to visit the Residence Life Office to discuss any problems or concerns they have with living in residence or adjusting to student life. The Residence Life staff maintain regular interaction with the primary campus support services under the jurisdiction of Student Affairs, including the Student Health Centre, Counseling Centre, Chaplaincy Offices, and the Office of the Dean. The Residence Life Office is located in Hatcher House and open Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.

AD/RA Application:

Are you nterested in developing strong leadership skills? Are you interested in becoming a roll model for the residents of your house? Have you thought about applying for a staff position? Resident Assistant and Academic Don applications are now available online! Requirements Include:
  • At least 2 terms in Paton College
  • At least 65% average for RA
  • At least 70% average for AD
  • Proven Leadership Skills
  • High Level of Maturity
  • Full Course Load

Proctorship Application:

Paton College offers traditional dormitory style living with a meal plan for students in 10 buildings of 100 students each. Proctors are instrumental in fulfilling our motto "More Than Just Housing". In conjunction with the Residence Life Office, the Proctor, as the front-line live-in employee, is responsible for identifying student needs and supporting programs to meet these needs; orienting new students to residence living; encouraging academic support programs; and promoting responsible behavior among residents in that house. Housing, Food and Conference Services is seeking applications from individuals to fill the role of live-in Proctor in the undergraduate dormitories. We are currently accepting applications for potential vacancies for the fall 2005 semester. The ideal candidate(s) would be a student (senior or graduate), staff, or faculty member who has had experience living and/or working in a residence setting. Compensation for the position includes a furnished apartment and an honorarium. A certificate of conduct will be required as a condition of employment. To view an application form please click here.